Trends that will Dominate Small Business Marketing in 2017

Trends that will Dominate Small Business Marketing in 2017


One of the ways that small businesses get crushed by the bigger companies is they don’t have the money or manpower to throw into a large marketing campaign.  Now you need to get more creative than ever before and this means staying up to date on what is current.  Stop marketing like it is still 1982.  Here are some trends that will dominate small business marketing in 2017

Mobile isn’t enough anymore

Just 2 years ago simply having a mobile site was enough to make Google and your customers happy, that isn’t enough today.  Today you not only need a responsive website but you need a mobile payment system too.  A customer’s phone is no longer just a means of communication it’s also their wallet.  Is your business ready for mobile payments?  Even if you don’t have a storefront business you still need to offer your customers payment options.

You may want to consider how apps and mobile social media can help your marketing efforts.  More and more of your customers are viewing their social media accounts from their phone.  Is your ad strategy optimized for mobile devices.  Mobile is here to stay are you ready?

Focused Local Strategy

Local marketing isn’t just an SEO strategy, social media or any of that it is about getting your business in front of your customers. It means connecting with the people in your community who need your services.  You need to be the “go to” guy that gets called when they want your products.  It is building a level of trust with potential clients until they become customers

Search engines, social channels are just the means to build these relationships, they are how you access the local community.  How to put together a laser targeted local strategy?  You do it just like this:

  • Be very easy to find. Make sure that your name, address and phone number are listed and verified across the prominent local directories.  Those include the Yellow pages online, Google, Yelp and Dexknows just to name a few.
  • Be the authority in your area, contribute to the community online and off. Make use of blogs, forums and social media, attend local events and be a speaker.
  • Try some social media advertising, it can be done cheaply and extremely effectively. Target your community and the surrounding areas.
  • Encourage your customers to review your business and guard your reputation zealously
  • Offer your customers fabulous service

2017 is just a week away, is your business prepared for what the new year will bring?